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As we age, our skin loses its elastin, getting drier and thinner. As a result, wrinkles, lines and creases can form. Continuous muscle contractions can also contribute to facial wrinkles. These contractions cause “dynamic wrinkles” which appear as lines when the muscle becomes engaged. If left untreated, these lines can become static wrinkles, which are lines that are permanently etched into the skin.

The most common types of facial wrinkles are frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet, bunny nose lines and vertical lip lines.

The leading treatment for wrinkles is anti-wrinkle muscle relaxants. Dermal fillers can also be used to treat static wrinkles that are permanently etched into the skin. They can plump up the targeted wrinkle and reduce the severity of its appearance. The type of treatment used is determined by the severity of the wrinkles. In some instances a combination of treatments may be required. When you book a consultation with us, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask about anti-wrinkle injection cost, results, operations and other aspects.

Over time, the effects of muscle relaxants diminish and the muscles begin to move again. We recommend scheduling treatment every four months to ensure continuous results.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre - Anti Winkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections are used to relax facial muscle, and reduce lines and wrinkles. The areas most commonly requested for treatment are the forehead, the glabella (frown line) and crow’s feet. This injection relaxes the target muscle, effectively reducing and preventing the appearance of lines.

We can however treat the chin, around the mouth (to reduce smokers lines) and the jaw, by using muscle relaxing injections we can soften your appearance, making you look less stressed and less angry. The aim of anti-wrinkle injections is to give a natural result to help patients look their best for their age and to assist in preventing further lines emerging.

These injections can also be used to:

  • relax certain muscles to create an eyebrow lift,
  • reduce a gummy smile,
  • slim the jawline,
  • prevent permanent deep lines caused by muscle contraction

We offer outstanding patient services and results to those considering anti-wrinkle injections in Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Our injectors are trained to apply the muscle relaxant in just the right amount to specific areas of the face to give a natural and youthful look. We will always consult with you to assess the degree of effect you are after.

The anti-wrinkle treatment will take full effect within 3-10 days post procedure and results can last on average 3-4 months.

The same anti-wrinkle product can also help to reduce sweating when injected into the underarms or palms. Ladies with large breasts also find benefit in reducing sweating under the breast area.

Combination treatments using anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers will further enhance results treating static and dynamic lines.

We care about your results and therefore aim to book a post treatment review after two weeks to ensure that we and you are happy with your results.

*A service fee of $25 will be charged.
* Final cost will vary according to individual needs.

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