Breast Asymmetry

Asymmetrical breasts can consist of a difference in the actual breast size, the position of the nipple areolar complex, the breast position on the chest wall or the position of the chest wall in relationship to the spine. Occasionally, there are asymmetries of the pectoralis muscle on which half of the breast sits.

If nipple areolar complexes are asymmetrical to the point of only two centimetres, most women do not seek corrective surgery. However, if the difference is greater than this, lifting the nipple areolar complex with a periareolar mastopexy can be an effective solution.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre - Breast Asymmetry

Volume discrepancies can generally be corrected by using different-sized implants for breast augmentation. In the case of a breast reduction operation, the asymmetry can be addressed by removing more tissue from one side than the other in order to try to get the breasts as symmetrical as possible.

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