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Many people first notice a tired appearance in the region around their eyes as they approach forty. The eyebrows may descend to a slightly lower position over the eyes.

Traditionally, a brow lift was performed through an incision in the scalp that ran from ear-to-ear. This procedure, called the “coronal” approach, is still used occasionally. In most cases, however, this approach has been replaced by the endoscopic brow lift, which is less traumatic and entails a shorter recovery period.

The endoscopic brow lift surgery of the forehead includes a wide range of options, from a relatively simple technique for fixing sagging eyebrows to more complex procedures for lifting and smoothing the entire forehead area.

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Understanding the procedure:

The main difference among the various options for forehead lifting consists of the placement of the incision. The newest approach is endoscopic surgery where several small incisions are placed just behind the hairline and a scope is used to assist in the surgery. This procedure results in less risk of numbness and scarring while having a faster recovery. Other techniques use longer incisions to lift the brow.

Our surgeons will determine the type and location of the incisions required after examining you and discussing the various options. While all procedures will raise the brow and smooth the forehead, some can even lower a high hairline and improve facial balance and harmony. A Brow Lift is often combined with other facial surgery procedures.

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