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Facelifts – Rejuvenate your look

A facelift will restore a younger appearance to your face. There are a range of procedures available that will vary in suitability based on the individual and their requirements.

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A commonly performed facelift is the ‘S-lift’. This involves a small incision in front of the ear with tightening of the SMAS (soft tissue and muscles layers) with sutures. The ‘Mini-lift’ is similar but involves excising and re-suturing part of the SMAS layer. A “Full’ facelift is more extensive and may involve treatment of the neck and brow. The Deep Plane facelift is even more extensive and has longer lasting results. The ‘Subperiosteal Midface’ lift is the deepest lift and is used to reposition the midface and cheek fat. It is often performed in conjunction with an Endoscopic Brow Lift. The ‘C-lift’ combines dedicated treatment of the skin and general health of the patient with any of the above surgical procedures.

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A facelift is designed to correct the common signs of ageing: a sagging neck line, the appearance of jowls, the deposit of fat along the jawline and neck, and a deepening of the lines between the nose and the corners of the mouth (nasolabial folds). Consideration must be given to facial bone structure and skin elasticity in planning and performing a facelift.

Age is generally not a factor in determining whether a patient is a candidate for facelift surgery. Most are between the ages of forty-five and seventy. However, there are exceptions. Some people age prematurely and consider the surgery at an earlier age. Others age more slowly and can successfully have the surgery in their seventies and eighties. More consideration is given to the patients’ actual appearance than their chronological age.

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