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Female Genital Enhancement

There are a number of increasingly requested procedures that can enhance the appearance and function of this sensitive area and help women with issues such as the size of the inner and outer lips (labia), and with the fullness of the ‘Mound of Venus’ (Mons) that is the fatty tissue that covers the front of the pubic bone.


Sometimes the inner labia are too large and protrude well past the outer lips. This can cause problems with sexual activity, wearing certain clothes and for some women, the appearance may not be what they would like. Now with modern techniques, the labia minora can be adjusted in size to be exactly what the patient wants. The procedure is pain-free and there is minimal discomfort afterwards, with a return to normal activities within a few weeks. The tissues heal almost invisibly.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre - Viginal Surgery

Labia Majora Boost

As we age, body tissue can lose their fullness and youthfulness. This is because the fatty tissues that make up much of our bodies shrink and atrophy. This can happen in the genital area, as well as in the face and other areas of the body. Menopause and pregnancy can also contribute to changes. Where the outer vaginal lips have thinned, our surgeon is able to rejuvenate them by transferring fatty tissue from another area.

Mons Reduction

As part of a larger liposuction procedure, or as a procedure on its own, a careful sculpturing of the Mons (‘public mound’) can reduce any excess fatty tissue.

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