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A double chin is actually due to excess fat in the area of the neck that is immediately below the chin, creating the appearance of an extra or double chin. When this problem occurs, it does so to varying degrees, with the worst cases looking like double chins. Because fat is the cause, liposuction is the most sought-after treatment but can also can cause problems if done in isolation.

Regardless of its cause, extra neck fat can cause a person to look heavier as well as older. In fact, it is surprising how neck liposuction can make someone with extra neck fat look significantly younger.

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Neck liposuction is best suited to people who have extra neck fat and either neck skin which is not loose or neck skin which is loose but not hanging. If you have neck skin that is loose AND hanging, then neck liposuction poses an increased risk of skin irregularities. Although neck liposuction may still be attempted, there is a reasonable risk that a facelift may be needed to either tighten up the remaining loose skin or remedy irregular skin which developed as a predictable result of neck liposuction on loose hanging skin.

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Understanding the procedure:

This treatment is performed under anesthetic and is generally quite well tolerated. Pain is minimal, and most people find they can resume normal activities within 1-4 days. You will need to wear a compressive bandage around your neck and head post treatment.

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