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Trampoline Lifting – A newer you

Ageing causes many changes to the face. The effects of sun exposure, the loss of fullness as muscle and fat decrease, the drooping of brows and the lower face and neck sagging. These movements can create deep folds in the cheek and the development of jowls and folds in the neck.

Trampoline Lifting provides a minimally invasive procedure to alleviate these signs of ageing. The techniques used and threads themselves have developed significantly and we now use Promoitalia threads for the majority of our procedures.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre - Trampoline Lifting

Understanding the procedure:

This procedure provides a minimally invasive and effective lift that shifts the soft tissues of the face back towards their original position using Promoitalia threads – a patented product with uniquely designed double-spiked cogs that gently but firmly grip facial tissue. The Promoitalia threads are also available as absorbable threads meaning that the threads dissolve over a period of nine to twelve months but leave the skin in place for several years before another procedure is considered. Promoitalia threads offer a Soft-Lift that can be achieved quickly with a minimum of downtime and without any visible scars.

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